Raising Plants Like Humans

What truly holds the secret to having the green thumb, and what secrets does it possibly hold for other factors of life? Yesterday we began to converse over the topic of epigenetics as it may pertain to diet in a broad sort of sense, but how does epigenetics hold up when it comes to the plant kingdom, and how might that tighten the connection between our own realities of existence with theirs?

Plant Stimulation Through Sound

When we think about plants and sound, many stories of people reading or playing music to their plants comes to mind, but how? Well, as it turns out like a great number of other species on this planet, plants developed a defense mechanism allowing them to pick up subtle vibrations through their leaves to let them know when predators are nearby. Though they don’t use traditional auditory functionality, If you look at the shape of most they will have a broader section that reaches a point, much like cats ears.

Growing Further out in the Great Horizon

Let us take this moment to possibly think about the glorious gift that Mars is for us, the blank canvas awaiting the brush, the red gem that until now has been just out of arms reach. As far as the soil composition goes the red planet is pretty much ready for plant life, I personally believe the only thing you would need to get things going is some time, and proper implementation of microbial life to get things started, as the main problem I would see occurring would be that the soil is “dead,” for now. It has all the basic nutrients you would need for growth, you would, however, have to add in some “fluff” like coconut husk or ever perlite to help disperse the water to the roots and help break down the clay like quality that is the surface. Well, now we’ve figured out some of our potential soil issues, what’s left is dialing in light, atmospheric conditions, temperature, and last but certainly not least gravity.

Space-Time, Plants, ​and electromagnetics

So, let’s talk about gravity and plants for a short bit today. As many gardeners who chase growing larger and larger crops will tell you, gravity can be your worst enemy. So that leads to the question, how can we possibly grow plants to larger sizes than should be physically allowable on this planet we call home?

The Synapses We all Share

I spent a fair amount of time pondering where to go with our stream of consciousness, I came to the conclusion that the best thing would be to find out where our past has led us so far. This leads us to the, however, unfortunate widely ignored world of plant synapses and their communications with each other. The unfortunate truth is that many we meet tend to shrug off the possibilities that many of the creatures we share this planet with may indeed be more complex than we give them credit for, plausibly due to our own issues with superiority and the domineering versus nurturing path, it leads the vast majority down.

The Microbiome I

Where better to begin our journey together, than arguably our beginning and one of the major sustenances of our existence. Though there are so many different facets of the microbiome that we could explore each one more intriguing than the last, today we will be focusing on the microbiome of soil and how their health and numbers contribute to the overall health of your plants.

The Beginning

“Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested”

-Swahili Proverb

“Wise words are like seeds. The more you scatter them, the more they will grow into infinite gardens of knowledge.”

-Suzy Kassem