The Spring Strikes Back

Sometimes life gives you lemons, but even from the sourest of lemons, one can harvest the seeds to spark new life to new possibilities.  Every year we witness a rebirth of most of what grows around us, and I feel there is a very strong lesson we all can learn from this.  To get back up even from the harshest of winters, dust ourselves off, and reach for the sun.  This being said, I’m glad to announce the return to The Garden of Knowledge and boy have we got some big plans for this upcoming spring and summer.  We’re going to be diving in head first into learning some permaculture practices and even interview some local upcoming permaculturists and gardeners, we’ll be staying up to date with my plants, getting step by step lessons on upkeep in different points in plants’ life cycles, learning different philosophies and much much more!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop on all the news in the garden as well as updates on the plants and the occasional meme!

Thanks folks!

Gaius X. Erroneous

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