The End is the Beginning, is the Beginning is the End

Well folks, I managed to focus too heavily on the image that sat before me.  Fairly soon the pictured made way to paint, the paint to the canvas, the canvas to the fiber, the fiber to the holes in the weave of it all, and before I knew it, I was staring at nothing; lost sight of it all.  But how befitting that the end should become the beginning, like a Phoenix being born again from its own pile of ashes.  There are no lines in this world that are not merely the result of your eyes and mind playing tricks on you.

Someday we will begin to grasp the universe as we see the world today, versus the ideology of the flat earth, swimming within a quantum soup of information sent from beyond our veils of perception.  Hidden somewhere within the infinite space contained in the objects that currently surround you, and perhaps even you and I are even somewhere far off in a distant dimension, wearing different masks as we dance around life and death, perceiving and learning from the universe for itself.

There are no glass ceilings without doors, they are merely obscured from the angle in which you view the glass, and in such to find your way through certain points of life, one must either change their point of view, or feel around trying new ways of approaching the glass until one finds the door.  Just beyond that door lies the Garden of Knowledge, it was hidden right behind your eyes the entire time.

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