Raising Plants Like Humans

What truly holds the secret to having the green thumb, and what secrets does it possibly hold for other factors of life?  Yesterday we began to converse over the topic of epigenetics as it may pertain to diet in a broad sort of sense, but how does epigenetics hold up when it comes to the plant kingdom, and how might that tighten the connection between our own realities of existence with theirs?

Well, in all honesty, it boils down to a lot less than one might think as far as the secret to the green thumb goes.  Between you and me, it really just boils down to a level of connective empathy between you and other species, try to put yourself in their shoes and try to find the connections you can share with each other to better understand their existence.  We’ve been taught this from an early age, but I feel in most cases it rarely is ever taught by example in its most full and complex format, which in turn helps feed the superiority complex of humankind. To understand one’s epigenetics is to know how to truly care for them.

Epigenetically speaking, plants and especially cannabis plants, are very sensitive and even have the ability to turn themselves into a hermaphroditic form if they see fit due to their conditions, they also have the ability to never mature under certain conditions as well.  This leaves the cultivator in a position where they must find the happy medium when dealing with their plants, which I feel like translates to lessons many of us can learn for dealing with fellow humankind as well.  I feel like its a combination of being a nice sturdy support system for them to rely on, but you cannot smother them, you must understand that only on their own path will they truly blossom into their truest most beauteous form, which in turn will teach you more in the end.  It’s all in the survival based stimulation that I feel truly builds character, which today for us has evolved into generalized intellectual stimulation, which is the name of the game in The Garden of Knowledge.

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