You are what you eat

“Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


What is food really at its core, and what has it become today?  With people’s work schedules ever on the rise, many are forced into a decision of choosing between their personal/social lives or meal prep time, and many have chosen to hand their meal prep off to someone else who can save them time.  The problem with this being that most of these corporations do not have our health in their best interest. What could be the worst that could occur from such mentalities, though?  After all, it’s just food.

This is where epigenetics comes into the equation, which in layman’s terms, is basically the notion that outside influences can alter or change one’s genetic properties through prolonged exposure.  Using this information one should be able to conclude that for the most healthful lifestyle, one should eat what is body has evolved eating for millennia.  Now for me, this brings up a very widely overlooked dietary fashion, where you get your DNA tested to show what parts of the world your relatives came from, and model your diet based on foods that come from those areas of the world.  Currently, I’m making plans to test this diet on myself and will be writing a post on the results.

All in all, all of us are different from one another, each one of us has our own special code that tells our bodies how it should function or look at all times, so why listen to dietary advice written for the masses when you can just look up your own coding and base your diet based on what your genes tell you versus a television advertisement or even the government.  Tomorrow we’ll be discussing epigenetics and plants!

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