“the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

-Albert Einstein
Time, something one either has too much or too little of in this day in age, but how does it work and where does it all fit in with our reality we perceive.  It has become more and more apparent within the physics community that it is much more relative in nature than we tend to observe on a day to day basis.  I feel the movie Interstellar does quite a good job at conveying the almost paradoxical essence of it, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching that movie I would highly suggest it.

The more we learn of time, the more the strings unravel, but not truly at core value.  I think as a general consensus we just need to all begin to understand time as more of a generality and not as much as a definitive, especially before we leave this solar system.  Time at core value has a linear flow to it, but does it truly extend forward and backward into oblivion?  I tend to believe so, though one can not move backward in time, one does have the ability to pull from memories that are so strong it puts you back in the moment.  I feel this is almost a form of intentional time loop made by our processing center to help solidify lessons or perhaps even add more depth.  So now we can begin to perceive that the past is tangible in a form, but what about the future?

Well, I believe the answer to that question comes with the practice of meditation, which on a scientific level merely helps one regulate their own brain waves.  I feel as though our minds are more readily able to pull memories from the past as the body has sensory memory attached to these memories, often it is these senses that pull the mind back to that time in place whether you would like it or not, the smell of a perfume, or even the warmth of sun on you skin.  You just need to have yourself in a deep enough state of theta wave activation, to remember your future.  I believe this is the reason why even notable figures of the past such as Abraham Lincoln have foreseen their deaths in dreams, or why the seers and prophets use to put themselves in a trance-like state to predict the future.

From my own experience with it, your views of the future must be taken with a grain of salt, and the visions you receive rely heavily on visual metaphors, it is also never definitive.  It almost becomes more of a quantum computational problem at that point, so I find it’s easiest to map everything out on paper and try to find the focus on what I like to call the parabolic curve of plausibility, but in essence you’re just looking for the essence of the message or the answer that connects the most dots.  As I said, it’s never definitive, but I have noticed quite a bit of correlation between that which I have written down and that which has come to pass since the pen left the paper.  In The Garden of Knowledge, the future is ever bright, and it may be more within your reach than you may think.  If you decide to chase the rabbit through time, be sure to keep consistent with your practice in it, keep the stream of consciousness flowing, and spread the word.

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