Use it or Lose it

To start off this week, I feel it’s good for us to have a check in on the human brain, how it works in essence, and how I at least make it work for me. As one of the beauties of the world being that everyone is able to see things in their own light, consider these more as suggestions or reflections rather than statements, as it may work for me but not necessarily for everyone.

So, my brain has always been on the forefront of my life, since before I can remember. I was born with cryptic vascular malformations (link wiki) which in essence is a tangle of blood vessels or enlarged that can reroute or bypass “normalized” blood flow. They do not appear to be based on genetics but do form whilst the child is still in development in the womb, a sort of mutation. In 1995 I went into surgery at University of California San Francisco to get one of mine that had ruptured removed and it has saved my life up until this point. So how the brain works and how one can improve that, or how we can better understand it has always been part of my life vision and I will forever have a scar as a constant reminder of that goal.

But, I digress, the brain itself is the processing center of our tangible being, it has multiple sectors of it designed to handle specific tasks, and has separate hemispheres that handle jobs separately and appears they may handle different jobs differently as well. I feel this is the gift of humanity, it is one in the same that allowed us to map the stars by the shapes they appeared to be to better retain their position in memory. So, I feel as though the best learning methodology is an abstract and connective based approach. I feel this sort of forces the brain into utilizing more sections of the brain, therefore, spreading the workload between more processing centers. This is the sort of processing mapping that you see in the mathematical savants who see numbers as colors, which is known as synesthesia,(link) I feel as this sort of mental thought process can be trained, but it takes much practice.

Your first step I feel would be to start observing more of the world around you on a day to day basis, and develop a healthy curiosity for how things work on even a basic level of mechanical, or electrical engineering. The next step is to start creating or inventing, even if you don’t currently have the capabilities to create said objects, just get them down on paper and break down all the small steps of parts it would take to make it work. These are the mental confidence building portions, in a concrete tangible understanding of how certain things work. After that comes the learning of math, sciences, and art all at the same time, they will all aid each other in the process of retention and processing speed. This will also eventually lead to your better understanding of threes, sixes, and nines and how things are much more connected than we usually perceive on a day to day basis. From here, you begin to question the deeper layers of our reality, what all has transpired to bring us here today, and what is our ultimate destiny, not as the singular but as the whole.

As each and everyone one of our minds is an amazing tool that has developed for over three billion years ever changing and expanding, and each one reacts and thinks in its own way. This is why we need more thinkers, more dreamers because even you may hold the missing key to the problems of today or even tomorrow. This is The Garden of Knowledge, the seeds I gift to you, will, in turn, be handed down to someone else someday. It is not until we all as species blossom into the beauty we all can be, that we truly will return to Eden.

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