The Era of Digital Art

It can no longer be disputed that we have entered the digital age of art, with graphic arts degrees and job creation on the rise and the video game industry ever chasing the infinite polygon structure we have been able to reach new levels, but what’s the sacrifice?  Well, initially I found it quite difficult to connect to art on a personal level, as all the pen strokes were evenly spaced to point where you couldn’t differentiate the directions of the artists hand.

Things are beginning to change, though, and definitely for the better.  With more growing interest in the professional digital art path, it has led the tech industry to develop new tools to push the boundaries.  The new generation of digital pens can now sense pressure as well as directional tilt, allow for digital brush strokes that can begin to match the depth and feel of the traditional tools.

Yesterday we started talking about more implementation of three-dimensional art, and I feel we are getting to the age where we can begin to start using our VR and AR technologies to  accomplish new feats in art immersion.  Just imagine walking into an art exhibit with white walls and floors and putting on the headset/glasses for the reveal of an entire landscape of brush strokes that have actual depth, and aren’t tied down to the canvas.  It would be free to move, change, and expand reaching new levels of meaning for the artist and their audience.

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