“Take me I am the Drug; Take me I am Hallucinogenic”

-Salvador Dali

Post Life, Death and Philip Glass, I felt it necessary to start moving into the other forms of art and begin discussions on where it may take us into the future, and what roads have already been paved in that direction.  Where better to begin our conversation than the master of artistic immersion and metaphor, Salvador Dali.

Take the may west room for example, where truly one can begin to understand perspective.  To one who would perhaps enter this room from one of the sides oblivious to the greater perspectives, it would almost be a form of mental journey for them trying to make heads or tails of what they’re looking at until they reach the right angle.  A perspective I feel is something that can truly only be portrayed from a three-dimensional sort of manner, as there’re so many different aspects that make up one’s reality they perceive than can possibly fit into a linear format.

Which leads us to the future, how can we convey the multilayered whole essence rather than just the core aesthetic?  I feel as though it can  be perceived through art that can be perceived on a true three-dimensional thought based plain, where no matter what angle you look at it will portray different meaning and take new form, and it is only truly from above or potentially mirrored hindsight that one can get the true full essence and complete meaning.  Perhaps different halls of life when within them forward and backward give you a tunnel vision of different ways of living a life, but only from the center of these, in a circular hall of inner contemplation can you possibly begin to pull from the true essence of the meaning of one’s life.  These, of course, are just my thoughts on the subject matter, tomorrow we’ll be discussing how recent technologies may also be able to aid us in this endeavor.

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