Space-Time, Plants, ​and electromagnetics

So, let’s talk about gravity and plants for a short bit today.  As many gardeners who chase growing larger and larger crops will tell you, gravity can be your worst enemy.  So that leads to the question, how can we possibly grow plants to larger sizes than should be physically allowable on this planet we call home?

Quite a bit of research has led us now to the point of realization where we can alter small pockets of space-time which leads to gravity by utilizing electromagnetic fields.  Now obviously we aren’t going to be able to use the scale of gravity loss that you would see on say another planet, but I believe we may be able to alter a small field around a plants above ground portion, which could very well, in turn, lead to faster and larger growth throughout the plants lifecycle.

I’m mostly interested in utilizing this in the growth of one of our cannabis plants in the near future, I’ve personally had quite a bit of success with inverted growth leading to large growth from the resin glands, but overall led to more stress on the plant.  So, If I can replicate similar results from standard growth with the implementation of electromagnets without over stressing the plant, this may be a very viable new form of growth supplement for the farming and gardening of the future.  What do you think?

Tomorrow we take these ideas to space!

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