The Ungrateful Deadhead and Company

I felt the need to write about my experience with the Dead and Company show I went to see last night at the Moda Center in Portland Oregon.  Though my initial plan was to originally write about their performance and the experience I had at the show, which overall was an amazing experience, there’s a sort of low-hanging smoke in the air of the experience which really needs to be discussed.  The exploitation of the movement for personal gains.

I must first explain that I am full for the notion of paying it forward as I’m sure you have picked up by this point.  The issue being that the raised one finger and I need a miracle has been tapped out and over-exploited.  It has gotten to the point where within 2,000 feet of the venue you couldn’t walk ten feet without seeing someone looking for a free ticket.  I happened to watch an interaction between one very caring person who had given an extra ticket to someone flying an I Need a Miracle sign, where the only stipulation was that they come join them in line and they’d all enjoy the energy of the show together, to which this person had reciprocated by giving them a hug grabbing the ticket and running off with it.  Not twenty minutes later this person could be seen down the street trying to sell the ticket.  Now I’m not believing that everyone using this methodology is going to react in the same sort of fashion, I just feel it set an odd tone for the rest of the evening, as this could not have possibly been the sort of behavior one would expect to see during the glory days, I feel it’s a form of an attack on solidarity made by those who preach it.

The show, however, was incredible, the performance, the lights, but it seemed as though they were having difficulty with the sound mix for Bob Weir’s guitar, it was very difficult to hear his iconic guitar work over the rest of the wall of sound.  John Mayer, who at first I felt a sort of tentative feeling about, I feel performed admirably.  I found the drum feature to be especially stimulating, it almost had a form of abstract jungle house to it, and the way it all faded back in was awe inspiring.  All in all, I would definitely suggest to anyone with the ability to see the show, or watch any of the live recordings from

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