The Synapses We all Share

I spent a fair amount of time pondering where to go with our stream of consciousness, I came to the conclusion that the best thing would be to find out where our past has led us so far.  This leads us to the, however, unfortunate widely ignored world of plant synapses and their communications with each other.  The unfortunate truth is that many we meet tend to shrug off the possibilities that many of the creatures we share this planet with may indeed be more complex than we give them credit for, plausibly due to our own issues with superiority and the domineering versus nurturing path, it leads the vast majority down.

When you begin looking at the genes involving the nervous system in plants and animals, you start to see quite a bit of similarity.  This is not that surprising, considering we all share one common ancestor if you go back far enough, we actually share about 17% of the same genome, which seems a remarkable amount considering vast physical differences between us.  I feel that once we all begin to reach the conclusion of connectivity, we will truly be on the path to a bright future.  It was the renowned Leonardo Da Vinci who said, “Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

So now we realize we are all more connected than we could ever imagine, but where does it lead us?  I believe there is much we can gain from a form of empathetic knowledge versus the insentient master who observes from behind the glass. If there’s one thing that plants have a metaphoric way of teaching us, is that the compassion you share with another being will always be rewarded.  Time and time again, those who care for their plants the most will, in turn, be gifted with often the final gift they have to give.  This is why I treat their lives almost as my family versus the flock I oversee. I will read to them as I would a child, ponder complex music with them as a friend, sit and think with them as an equal, and finally, I will be the one to thank them for their service as I help them into their next cycle. 


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